Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prayer Warriors, I Need You

There are two things we need urgent prayer for right now.

The first is my father-in-law (Ryan's step-dad) had a heart attack Monday night and is in the hospital. He's having a triple bypass Friday morning. Please pray for God to guide the surgeon's hands and that Howard would heal quickly.

The second is that we are having problems with our court paperwork. We were supposed to be submitted and have a court date by now, but our in-country coordinator asked us to redo one of our forms for clarification. We redid it, but the dates were not right, so now we have to redo it again, and I'm not sure the agency we need the form from will do it for a third time since it was a huge favor getting them to do it even the first time. We are looking at whether we can submit what we already have or if it will cause more problems without further clarification. Please pray for God's will over this situation and His timing for our court date.


  1. Praying for you!!!!

    (Looks like I can comment now! I'm so excited!)

  2. Praying for this situation and God's will to come through! We love you guys and know that all things will work out!