Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Georgia Jeanne!

Today is our Georgia Jeanne's 2nd birthday. We are so thankful for our little firecracker, and I can't believe 2 years have gone by since we first laid eyes on her. She grows more beautiful and more fearless every day. It is a joy to be her mommy.

2 days ago at dinner, after watching big brother leave the table to go potty, she informed me, "I go potty, too!" So I took her. She didn't go, but she sat a long time reading her potty books and was pleased as punch with herself. A great start! Yesterday she had preschool, so she didn't get a chance to sit on the potty until last night. But when she did, she went both pee-pee and poo-poo! Wow, music to a mama's ears! Things have been a little hit or miss today, but I'm so proud of her for deciding to do it on her own. It has been much easier so far than it was with her brother. I'd post a picture of her on the potty, but she might not appreciate that as a teenager, so I'll post these instead.

In other news, we almost missed our USCIS (US customs and immigration services) fingerprinting appointment today. If you miss your appointment, they consider your file abandoned, and you have to start over. This could have meant a serious delay in getting Ella home!

At 8:30, Ryan looked at me and said, "What time is our USCIS appointment today?" At which point my eyes got really big and almost bulged out of my head like a cartoon character, and I said, "9:00!!!!" Oops. I had been so busy thinking about Georgia's birthday party tomorrow and our group Christmas party on Sunday that it had completely slipped my mind.

So we managed to get us & both kids dressed and in the car by 9:00 and got to the office without a speeding ticket by 9:30. I said a quick prayer in the car for leniency. The guy at the front desk seemed completely nonchalant about us being late and just handed us a form to fill out and a number. Wooohooo! I am so thankful we made it!

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  1. Happy Birthday Georgia! So great that she wants to potty train so early and easily. And Praise God you made it to your appointment!