Saturday, November 5, 2011

Orphans At Play / Etsy Listings

We are so thankful that an organization called Orphans At Play offered to supply our orphanage donations to take on our first trip. They are sending us 2 suitcases full! What a blessing it is to be able to take these over and be present when they are received. The orphanages in Eastern Europe are badly underfunded. The workers there do the best with what they have, but any donations are a huge help to them and can make a big difference in the quality of life for the children who are left behind. Here is a link to their site if you would like to learn more or donate to their ministry.

We originally planned to ask our church family to provide donations for the orphanage, but because our travel date came so quickly (praise God!), and because we mistakenly thought we wouldn't need donations until our second trip, we did not have time to organize a drive. So when our agency put us in touch with Orphans At Play, we were so relieved. They needed someone to bring donations, and we could check 2 more bags on the plane. It was a win-win!

Our travel date is quickly approaching, and our expenses are really piling up. So I've sewn some placemats for my etsy shop. Right now I have Christmas placemats and everyday floral placemats in a lovely graphic fabric with birds. They are available in sets of 4 and 8. If you need 12, you can buy both listings for that pattern. If you need 6 (or another quantity), just shoot me an email, and I can edit the listing for you. These would make perfect Christmas gifts!

FYI - Purchases from my Etsy shop ARE NOT tax deductible. Donations through our Reece's Rainbow button ARE tax deductible. 


  1. I love those red and gold placemats! So pretty!

  2. That is so great that they are sending 2 suitcases full! I didn't realize you were adopting! (I must have my head in the sand!) I will pray for you on your journey!

  3. How sweet that they would send the donations to you!

    It is scary to think about how bad the orphanages can be in Eastern Europe - so close to "progressive" countries and yet they operate so differently.

  4. Oh my goodness! Can I ask how you got your travel date so quick?? My husband and I are looking into adoption from the same region and want to know how you did it! Did you have the majority of your homestudy done before you commited?

    Sorry if these are too personal!


  5. Wonderful news! Off to check out those placemats. ;)

  6. Amy, we were in a frenzy to get everything done ASAP. We feel a very heavy burden (as I'm sure most adoptive families do) to get to Elvira quickly. It helps that I'm a stay at home mom. We also did a travel visa for our first trip. You can get them much more quickly than business visas. It takes a financial toll to do everything so quickly, but we feel like it's worth it.

  7. That is so awesome!! What a huge blessing.
    Oh and is your Etsy profile right - are you in Keller? If you are, we have to get together sometime! We're in Carrollton. :)