Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We can fly, we can fly, we can fly!

Since we're flying to meet Elvira in November, it was fitting that our family dressed as characters from Peter Pan this Halloween.  I made all the costumes myself except for mine.  For mine, I just bought a blue nightgown and put some elastic in the sleeves to make them puffed.  Here are some pics of us in our costumes taken by my fabulous mother-in-law.  Our pumpkin patch pics didn't download for some reason, so these will have to do.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan venturing outside.  We have a black widow problem in our neighborhood, so Peter Pan was understandably nervous about the spider.

Here we are pretending to be scared of Captain Hook.  Peter Pan is 'saving' me.  ;-)

Here's one where you can see Captain Hook's menacing eyebrows

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  1. I cannot tell you how excited I am that you are flying soon!